About Our Founder CEO

Sasikanth S,  >25 yrs of industry  Global Experience, a Post Graduate in HRMS and a Functional Peoplesoft Consultant, spearheads the entire business in CERPSoft.  A big visionary and dreamer, he believe in the phrase of THINK BIG, ACHIEVE BIG! So the need of the hour is to Dream BIG which is practically achievable through Sincere and Smart work. His aim to grow the company with the right blend of people, both Technical & Business Development PARTNERS. We are always open to meaningful partnerships and look for long term committed relationship, as the company even aim to extend a stake holding for such successful partners.

His vision of selecting Education Industry to contribute:

  • Enhance the teaching standards in our country, thereby a Better Value for our education arena to that of Global.
  • Help the unaffordable institutions by implementing our solutions free, to make them affordable in the near future through a process (in line with his social efforts to empower the society, where he is the Founder of vHELP Social Foundation, focusing into Education & Health, www.veehelp.org)
  • Help to build a Better environment within the institution by taking the total tin Single Dash Board.  Precisely, the Solution may help the stake holders of the institution, viz, Parents – Teachers – Management & Students to feel the whole system being Simple & Pure, however, result-oriented

All actions on a measurable metric:

  •   Currently he  hand-holds the total CERPSoft Technical strength, ensuring perfection in delivery, Resource          Management, Project management &  responsible for technical deliverables.
  •   Earlier, his association with Kumaran Systems, Silverline, Bitech, CRI India did add industry success to his        career, as he was one of the persons in the team who initiated these operations from the scratch, ensuring            its growth reached up to  CMMi levels.
  •  CERPSoft aims to implement its academic products PAN INDIA and also our neighbouring countries,                 whether it is CBSE , ICSE or State Board syllabus to bring a new evolution to modernize our Education                 Industry meeting the contemporary trends.
  • Being a social activist, he started vHELP movement (a Social Foundation), which serves humanity to ensure a better standard of life for everyone in this society (www.veehelp.org).
  • Through HELP Movement he points out, social awareness is the key behind the success of a society and this can be raised only through education, social interaction and by building trusts. As we see, there is always chaos in a distrustful society.
  • HELP Movement provides a platform to think for those who are ready to transform their lives by adopting necessary CHANGES. Its purpose is to empower people through knowledge and to assist them on their spiritual quest. It’s a forum where like-minded individuals can come together and share ideas, build relationships, obtain advice, motivate and support one another, thus understanding the need of a Balanced Life.
  • In fact, each of us possesses a strong personal power and we are empowered to develop our WILL. The fact is that though we were born with it, most of us are not aware or taught that it even existed and the benefits we can derive out of it. Thus, many of us are living lives that do not align with our unique gift. We have placed our dreams on hold, or completely forgotten about them. Our lives are filled with never-ending “To Do” lists and overwhelming priorities. We’ve had to change our priorities to take care of more important obligations. But are you aware about the truth… if you are running empty, how can you provide value to others?
  • I’d always like to share my thoughts that have benefited me and look forward to learning about your experiences. Life is a journey of change and transformation and there is always more to learn.
  • Change can be difficult. Buried emotions can cause great pain. It takes courage to be honest to yourself. It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and venture into unknown territory. It also takes patience and time.