Benefits of Time-Table management

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Time-table management is a difficult and frustrating task for school teachers, which requires manual preparation if a teacher is absent, that all the arrangements goes in vain. Therefore there is a need to manage the Time table properly to avoid last minute chaos. Below are some of the benefits that  add timetable management module in school management software. It enables to generate timetables automatically. All it needs to add basic details and the timetable is generated, you can also verify the details and make necessary changes. Apart from simplifying your work, it offers number of other benefits such as-

Helps for a paperless office

In manual timetable system, teachers have to deal with paper that carries information about leave details of teachers, timetable for various classes etc. and in case if they need any kind of information then they have to go through all sort of paper documents, that is quite a tedious work. So, time-table management makes it easy by storing all information at one centralized place.


Our software provide different type of Time Table Management like:

  • Class Teacher Mapping made possible
  • Class wise Teacher Mapping (The particular teacher can take classes of other classes)
  • Subject wise Teacher Mapping (one teacher can manage different Subjects which can be mapped)
  • Time Table management (period wise time table with the teacher who is taking that particular subject details can be maintained) it will be easy for the management and teacher to understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Teacher Substitution (a teacher on leave, automatic substitution can show the next available teacher as Substitute.

User friendly

There are various software that need experts to operate, however timetable management module doesn’t require any experts to operate, also schools can easily customize this software according to the requirements.

Time table management module  will reduce the burden of a school to a large scale and therefore we enable this module in our School management software. We help schools to manage their database as well as day-to-day activities effectively.


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