IDEA Cellular Limited

Case History for Franchisee Management System Implemented for  IDEA CELLULAR LTD –  Karnataka & Maharashtra

Customer requirement:

  • To keep a track record of FOS/TC/Runner Boys/Merchandiser/FDE/TSM/DSE  actually deployed by Distributors.
  • Consistency of the employees (identify actual churn)
  • Factual Attendance of CAF agency
  • Work time of each above team members
  • In and out time of all employees
  • DSE Subsidy attendance and their roaming around dealers details
  • Movement of IDEA managers visiting Franchisees everyday

     The Solution that we have proposed to tap their requirements:

  • Biometric Device with 3000 punching capacity had been installed in Karnataka & Maharashtra with an option to extend the operations PAN India, connecting the Device to a server to get the data using either by LAN/GPRS or WIFI depend upon the location signal status.
  • Conducted R&D by our Technical team to find out software solutions to address the client critical requirements, like –
  • Centralised software solution to connect the Devices and pass datas across the State or States or even PAN India
  • Tracking software to manage the entire franchisee sales team movement
  • 10 fingers registration to avoid mis-use
  • A solution to identify factual attendance to claim for the subsidy
  • A solution thereby to manage the complete movements of franchisee operations under control
  • A solution that can be used/viewed across the globe 24×7 basis
  • Measurable Saving potential by implementing such a solution
  • The server contained all the software, to maintain the Data center in all respects.
  • While we maintained the server, we took the responsibility of the URL, created the required number of Login ids and passwords with Role & Permission Rights so as to ensure the access  being easier to authorized ones.
  • Permission based Access in various levels to protect the Security of the system. Practically, the Roles and Permissions assigned to the ZONES and its ZONE HEAD and then the team members helped to access their ZONE dealers’ details on a  daily basis improved their productivity as a whole.
  • The system generated the required Reports to achieve the objective, and, we took full responsibility of producing the same to the concerned Departments and Management. In addition, gave permission to authorized persons who can view the reports in their own way, anytime anywhere in the world.
  • The data transfer from the device to server was made possible only when the Device is connected thru LAN / GPRS or WIFI.