Maharshi Vitiligo Centre

Case History of Hospital  Management System Implemented for MAHARSHI SKIN CENTRE

Customer requirement:

  • To keep a track record of their patience visiting for treatment
  • To identify the sittings given to patience
  • To identify the patience visit in which centre they have taken the treatment
  • Ti identify the treatment given in each centre through centralized application
  • Total system wants automatic and centralized
  • Patience registration to be available in all the centres so that they have facility to take treatment any of their centre available in India
  • Need to give permission to each centre to check the details of their centre and head office must have all the centre details

 The Solution that we have proposed to tap their requirements:

  • Provided Centralized Software Solution to connect the devices and pass the datas to all the systems.
  • Identified the suitable Biometric System and done R & D to customise to protect the Clinic need to Control the sittings.
  • Controlled the visit of the patience after their sitting over through Software. By which once the required sitting is over, automatically their registration is cancelled by the software in the Hardware so that the patient cannot take extra sittings
  • Created Role and Permission to each centre so that the centre in charge can maintain their centre patience visits and regularize their sittings.
  • Patience registration done in one centres and transferred their details to all the centres through our software so that wherever the patient go, can able to take their treatment.
  • Reports generated on daily basis for the patient visit to each centre and their visits completed which is readily available for anyone to check any time.
  • Given a solution to manage complete movement of patience so that the managing the sittings of them are under control.