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Educational institutes are the important part of our society now. It plays a vital role in moulding the future of students. Along with academic knowledge it also helps to develop various personality traits like general knowledge, confidence, interpersonal communication skills in students.

There are numerous reasons that make school management software, the most demanding technology in academic sector. Some of them are explained in this blog.

But according to the current analysis report, it was found that institutes are facing lots of problem in managing their database by using manual methods. They even face numerous issues in managing student’s records and database.

These constant problems develop the need of Institute management software for educational institutes. This software provides proficiency in institutes working as well as fulfills the need of various departments of school, college and institutes. It ensures efficient working of institutes and enhances their productivity. In this blog some services of institute software have been explained.

Eliminate the need of manual data managing

Our Academic software has completely transformed the manual working method into digitalized one. It manage various details like students attendance, assignment details, fees information, contact details in much easier way. It ensures security of data and tries to maintain it all the time.

On the other it also send SMS to parents regarding their child’s attendance, fees due dates, academic performance and effectively save lots of time and money.

Help teachers in preparing assignments

CERP software consist a homework management module that would be helpful for teachers and students. It helps teachers in preparing assignments and activities for students in post school hours.

As well as it enable students to access their assignments and submit it online. It also helps students to get detailed information about their homework, in case he/she will be absent. It is one of the excellent ways in order to enhance communication between students and teachers.

Providing interactive platform for parents and teachers

One of the important advantages of CERPSoft School software is that it provides a common interactive platform amongst its stakeholders, parents, teachers, management and students. In the present scenario when parents are unable to give proper time to their child, this software proves to be an excellent solution for them. It sends various informational reports to parents like attendance and academic reports as well as sends alerts to them regarding fees due dates, events dates, library issues and numerous others.

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