CERP PROJECT Delivery Methodology

The methodology followed by CERPSoft for the entire development stack breaks project into phases-

  • Plan
  • Functional Analysis
  • Design
  • Build
  • Deploy
  • Close

The Plan phase identifies the scope of the project and the rules of the project and generates a work break down structure for completing the major tasks of the project.

The Functional Analysis phase – Functional Requirements are anlaysed and impact analysis is done to make sure what are the parts of the Product is affected by the change request, SRS documents are created to identify all the system requirements.

The Design phase lays out the blueprints of the system. Prototypes will be designed with the layout and the structure defined. The output of the Design phase will be an Enterprise Design Document (EDD) defining the design specs, to be implemented.

The Build phase lays the entire constrcution and the testing procedures of the system.

The Deploy phase lays the implementation of the system and also trains the users with user manuals and other necessary documents. Duing this phase time is fixed for the User acceptance test prior to the production roll back techniques.

The Close phase includes the customer acceptance and the feedbacks of the project. Feedbacks are internally assessed to improve quality in our process and the product.