Virtual Class Room


Digital campus, also referred to as a smart campus, plays a role in transforming the lives it touches. Innovative institutions recognize the importance of true transformation using technology that enables friction less, touch free, and intuitive experiences driven by a digitally connected community.

The idea of digitalizing campuses is also favored by school officials continually searching for new ways to improve the experience for students academically and socially, along with mitigating security and environmental issues as well as reducing spiraling operating costs. To stay sustainable and relevant, institutions should employ technology and analytics-based insights to enhance the well-being of the communities in which they are rooted.

We recognize that higher education campuses are epicenters of activity, and for that reason, leveraging smart campus strategies can improve the experience of students, faculty, administrators, researchers, practitioners, and communities.


In order to design a smart campus, colleges, schools and universities should define a common understanding and vision. GCR defines a smart campus as a paradigm shift to leverage innovative next-generation technologies to create a “digitally connected” campus that:

  • Drives positive outcomes by fostering dynamic engagement.
  • Enables development and delivery of new business models and revenue streams.
  • Fosters a digital culture to create and collect data, derive insights from that data, and utilize the insights
  • Improves operational efficiency and effectiveness of current education business models continually through state-of-the-art technologies and operating models.


A smart campus is more than a system or collection of applications, platforms, or infrastructures that are being leveraged in a siloed manner around campuses. Emerging technologies are required in order to develop the next-generation campus—technologies that are woven into the fabric and processes of an institution to create smart communities for its students, constituents, and citizens. Below are the smart campus capabilities within the framework as per requirement shared by education institute to promote the digital experience and to foster positive outcomes under Primary head of Learning Management System which can provide

  • Interactive Whiteboard contents while teaching
  • Recording of Lecture and make it available to students for later reference
  • Considering current pandemics provide Remote learning facility to students attending from home with near class room learning experience.
  • Performance monitoring for both Students and Staff


Teaching and Learning at Schools is one of the top priority for any school. The rapidly changing world has increased need to empower students with latest knowlelge. The JPS School is planning to empower their Students with world class teaching experience along with performance measurement which can help all stakeholders to improve their skills. It will also help the parents to go get day to day update about school.


Interactive White boards in Class Room

  • The Eyeris Pro installed on Whiteboard will convert the presentation contents through projector in to smart interactive contents.
  • The onboard android computer reduces time in connecting external laptops or PC, there is ALWAYS ON Scribble Board software is enabling the teacher to write, share and print instantly.
  • Onboard computer allows user to cast display wirelessly from their laptop or mobile on projector.
  • Bundled with Interactive Whiteboard Teaching suite Kneura Teach (For windows Laptop) having a gamut of tools and features that assists teachers to deliver effective lessons in the classroom.
  • Handwriting recognition to solving mathematical equations, adding more pages to changing backgrounds, smart draw, and highlighter.
  • My Cloud & KSAR provides the relevant and curated educational content based on the curriculum  in the form of texts, images and videos directly on the whiteboard.
  • The Kneura Teach Software on PC comes with free one year Kneura VIRTUAL LEARNING subscription ( for each purchasee of Eyeris pro) give ability to record complete lecture along with Teacher Video, Whiteboard contents with Audio/Video.

Existing Classroom with Interactive LED screen

  • The Kneura VIRTUAL LEARNING gives In-Class as well as remote students finest learning experience with interactive tools like whiteboard, teacher video, Chats, Two ways Audio discussions along with online learning contents.
  • The Kneura VIRTUAL LEARNING subscription gives ability to record complete lecture along with Teacher Video, onscreen contents with Audio/Video.

Deliver Engaging Classes Live or Virtually.

  • The Kneura is an easy to use Virtual Classroom Platform that provides powerful tools for Educators to Create and Deliver Lessons (Live and Online), Grade, Advise and Engage with Learners and achieve extraordinary learning outcomes.