Our Focus:

  • Offer IT services with finest Quality
  • Be the most efficient and innovative global service provider in IT
  • Maximize client satisfaction by providing value addition
  • Create a centre for Quality employment opportunities
  • Establish competency in core business area
  • Provide an environment for employees to constantly enhance their skills, productivity.


  • Our Development facility in Bangalore, can accommodate 100 plus Associates for Projects and Products, who can customize our products to match your perfect needs. It’s also our preference to ensure timely delivery.
  • We also have reach into Technical consultants & Contract staffing firms who ensure meeting our technical manpower requirements based on a need and at prescribed time.
  • RoI (Return Of Investment) to our clients. Our approach is to revolutionize your technology needs to simplify your work in an enjoyable manner, let the Technology overpower your business needs, hereafter!

After-Sales Support

As mentioned above, we are a Company with a DIFFERENCE. It is our privilege to ensure our customers are happy with our Products & After-Sales Support. It’s our vision, the product implemented would be meaningful to your needs. All our products are successfully implemented, you are welcome to verify CERP product implementations at client’s sites to understand their voice towards us.


1. A complete Hardware+Software+MobileApps solution provider to Schools & Colleges, to address-

  • A Solution that connects all the state holders of an institution
  • A solution that helps the Students digitally grow
  • A clear focus on Analytical Performance of the students for better results
  • Offering a solution to trace the MISSING CHILD (our record says, every year considerable children go missing)
  • A better solution that can REACH the UNREACHABLE in Indian villages or remote places.

2. A Complete Hardware+Software+Mobileapps solution provider for the Manufacturing Industry thru SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT

3. ADD-ON solutions, covering

  • Biometric Centralized Attendance solutions
  • Payroll, legalized version
  • HRMS
  • GPS Tracking solutions
  • RFID solutions
  • IOT secured solutions